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Think It Is Too Expensive To Have Life Insurance?

For most adults in the Florida Panhandle and South Georgia, we all live on tight budgets. With the tight budgets it is hard to even do the fun things. But what happens if you die, become disabled, go into long term or even worse, your wife or child dies. On a tight budget you would probably go the online fundraising route. Sadly, most will not get what is needed and you may have fees to pay before you can pay your bills.

For many of us, we live off a cup of coffee everyday. Add that up for the month. Life Insurance can be lower than that. It will also pay your expenses if you die. Money that can be used to pay Medical Expenses, Funeral Expenses, Children's Future Education, Income Replacement or whatever your goal is. 

The most used excuses are no money, no time or just avoidance.  I know real world examples of those. They did not end up well. They did not have the protection they needed. Once they are gone I can only pray for you, sing at your funeral or even give a eulogy. I can't go back in time to correct that mistake. So you don't make a mistake, this page will have information on the various products available and info sheets for you to make an educated decision. Like a doctor I cannot recommend a plan for you without us talking about your needs, goals and what is the right way to get there. 

I spent over three decades in Broadcasting watching my friends go without. This is why I started this practice. To make sure you do not have to worry as much about tomorrow as those friends that had to bury a loved one and not afford the basics. I hope this page gives you information to use as you plan. I am here to help.

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